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Steward Partners Careers


The primary focus of the role is to establish and build a presence for SPGA in key markets as identified by senior management. Once a branch or branches in a market are established, it’s the responsibility of the Divisional President to drive revenue through recruiting and organic growth, focus on meeting profit objectives and effectively manage the business from a risk and compliance perspective. Job functions include maintaining a superior and consistent level of client service, developing cohesive teams, providing consistent leadership and assuming accountability for the key performance metrics.

The Divisional President must be responsible for strong fiscal management, employee morale, culture, business ethics and practices, while adhering to all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. The Divisional President also leads the team functions including operations, risk, compliance and business development.


The Social Media and Marketing Specialist plays a key role in the areas of social media outreach and digital marketing for Steward Partners and its Advisors.

Alongside the primary function of social media marketing, training and development and exploring new opportunities, the Social Media and Marketing Specialists will update and maintain the Firm website, produce the monthly internal newsletter, coordinate firm-wide communications and explore new and innovative ways to help market the Firm and its advisors.

The Social Media and Marketing Specialist is considered part of the Marketing Management team and as such is involved with a broad range of marketing and business development activities.