Transition Strategy


Steward Partners Global Advisory has developed a transition strategy and program that is ahead of the competition. The team at Steward Partners begins the process by assigning your own Personal Project Manager as a pre and post transition date strategist. We walk you through the entire process. You will feel a sense of comfort and confidence there is a tailored plan for the transition of you and your clients. No other firm has a process like Steward Partners.

  • Personal Project Manager (Pre and Post Transition)
  • Weekly progress calls
  • “Home Office Visit” to Raymond James in Florida
  • Top relationships receive high-end package and leather binders for all transition records
  • Due diligence performed for all products, services and exceptions
  • TMS and spreadsheet training for entire client list
  • Personalized compensation plan for you and your team
  • Full Benefits Plan
  • in branch visits from product and service specialists post transition
  • Custom welcome letters/resignation letters/client emails and other communications
  • “Talking Points”
  • Website, social media, bios, marketing designed for you and your team.
  • All local and national press releases and interviews arranged
  • Calls/Meetings with board of directors and senior management