Succession Planning


Whether you are exploring retirement or looking to grow your practice through a merger or acquisition of another book of business, succession planning is a process, not an event. When exploring your succession planning options, having the right kind of partner on your side can be advantageous to you, your clients and your entire practice.

Some of the benefits to being a Steward Partner for your Succession Planning Strategy:

  • Helping you identify the right partner
  • Our model is customized to fit your needs and timetable
  • Design a business valuation model and deal structure unique to your business
  • Explore all options in acquisition financing available to you
  • Payout and dividend at retirement
  • Buyback of equity at fair market value *
  • Determine what your legacy will be

*Equity price on the LLC is based on current market valuation at the time of sale and approval of the board of directors. The stock in the Steward Partners Holding Company and is not traded on any exchange or considered a publically traded company.