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Steward Partners Global Advisory was featured on Kathy Ireland’s Worldwide Business program in November of 2016. Jim Gold, CEO of Steward Partners Global Advisory, was featured in a question and answer session during the program. See some of the questions and answers below from the program and find out what is so unique about Steward Partners.
The opinions expressed are those of the professionals at Steward Partners Global Advisory and are not necessarily those of Raymond James Financial Services or Raymond James.

1. How has the financial management landscape changed over the past 10 years?

2. How Steward Partners has modernized the classic business model of financial services?


3. How would you characterize the move to independence today?


4. What are some of the benefits for advisors to move toward an independent model?


5. What are some of the misconceptions about moving toward independence in today’s environment?


6. What is unique about the partnership at Steward Partners?


7. What differentiates Steward Partners from other independent firms?


8. What’s unique about the business model of Steward Partners?


9. What can a new partner expect from becoming a Steward Partner?


10. Why did Steward Partners choose to affiliate with Raymond James?


11. What are some of the benefits of being a Steward Partner?


12. What is the challenge for Steward Partners?


13. What does the next 10 years look for the wealth management business?


14. Why do partners enjoy most about Steward Partners?


15. What should you know about Steward Partners and the options available today?


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