Equity Ownership


Steward Partners Global Advisory provides its partners with equity ownership in the entire company, a simple and easy to understand/highly competitive payout rate on all revenue, attractive transition packages and generous retirement awards. We believe our advisors should be compensated as advisors and business owners. Here are some of the economic benefits our partners have come to appreciate:

  • Attractive transition package*
  • New economic model
  • Ownership in Steward Partners Holding Company, LLC
  • Annual cash profit sharing program starting in 3rd year**
  • Ability to sell LLC units at retirement for fair market value***
  • Attractive support compensation
  • Exceptional client referral program
  • Cash retirement package for our retiring partners

*Based on the most recent 12 month commission/revenue for the individual advisor. Subject to review of prior 36 months of revenue. Team compensation involving more than one financial advisor will be reviewed and negotiated on a case by case situation.

*Assumes Steward Partners and its business units have profit and have declared a dividend for the time frame specified in the equity agreement.Subject to changes in market conditions and equity valuation.

*Equity price on the LLC is based on current market valuation at the time of sale and approval of the board of directors. The stock is considered capital stock in the Steward Partners Holding company and is not traded on any exchange or considered a publicly traded company.